Hamilton Tarmac have enjoyed a long and close relationship with all of the local authorities in and around their operating base in Ayrshire and beyond, providing not only a full resurfacing/planing service on a contractual basis, but also in the provision of a Plant Hire service to the Local Authorities, in support of their own in-house teams, with all aspects of associated surfacing plant including planers, pavers, chippers and rollers.

Hamilton Tarmac have also extended their private sector client base serving new industrial/residential developments, farming, wind farm projects, and existing commercial premises upgrades.

Hamilton Tarmac now also provides a Road Marking service to both the public sector, on the adopted road network, and the private sector, to new surfaced car parks etc in shopping outlets and commercial premises.

Not forgetting its initial roots, Hamilton Tarmac also provide an invaluable service to local communities in the delivery of residential driveway surfacing to the public at a reasonable cost.

Hamilton Tarmac strives at all levels of business delivery to work with our client base to deliver a reliable high quality service, delivered to a specification, on time and to budget.